Blog #13: Share sweet touch.

Touch is magic. It’s healing. It’s reassuring. It’s necessary.

Before writing this, I read numerous articles about the beneficial aspects of touch. My plan was to include several links for you to follow. But most of the stories were so atrocious, so heartbreaking, that I chose against it. Scientists use—and study—deprivation to measure the importance of touch. They leave in their wake broken and maladjusted subjects.

As one article stated, “classic primate experiments suggest that to understand the human heart you must be willing to break it.”

I’m not. And I’m not willing to subject you to it, either.

I believe in love, and don’t need its absence to prove it.

In fact, re-reading the paragraph above, I find myself practically moved to tears. It makes me crave connection.

And I think that’s the point.

When we’re happy, we crave touch. When we’re scared, we crave touch.

But the message here is this: don’t wait.

I’m so tempted to quote research, because it is interesting. But how much research does it take to intuit that a baby grows faster physically and intellectually in response to touch. That it will socialize more easily. Be more confident.

Well so will you.

Sweet, intentional touch can send you out the door in the morning feeling optimistic and eager for the day. It can help you sleep and improve concentration.

Waiting for my endorsement of the six-minute hug? Nah. Not going there.

What I am endorsing is sweet, conscious, frequent touch. Make it casual or formal. Just touch.

Pat each other. Take a few minutes in the morning and stroke each others’ arms. Brush each others’ hair. Run the palms of your hands down each others’ backs or legs. Dry each other after a shower.

Let your partner know you’re there. That you care.

Of course, doing yoga together is a sublime and powerful way to touch. Even if you keep it simple, like doing a couple stretches together in the morning, both of you benefit at many levels. Or elevate it into a partner practice and enjoy wonderful connection, growth, and reassurance.

By the way, a solid handshake counts, too. When you meet a colleague and shake hands with presence and connection, it is a real merging of energy. Makes everyone’s day better.

So don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. Don’t hold back.

Touch one another.