Blog # 17: Love Is Funny, so Go Ahead and Laugh

We preen and show off. We get gushy and obsequious. Get furious and caught unawares. We lose ourselves and find ourselves. If you can’t laugh at relationships you probably can’t laugh. More importantly, it’s clear that laughing at — or at least through — your relationship may be a huge key to success. It can lighten difficult […]

Blog #16: Trust is precious and fragile

Without trust there could be no relationships. And yet trust—the very foundation of human activity—is delicate, easily shattered, and difficult to repair. It’s a huge topic, bigger than we can approach here. People offer, build—and withhold—trust based on a lifetime of experiences, which can affect their behavior in many ways. At the end of this […]

Blog #15: The better ask

Stating your needs—or desires—may be one of the most difficult things to do. You may fear judgment, anger, criticism, rejection, or derision. At work, you may risk all sorts of negative feedback. Out in the world, you risk confrontation or disappointment. And of course, in relationship, you risk all of the above. But the upside […]

Blog #14: You can’t fake listening.

Relationships of every kind hinge on the ability to listen, and actually hear, what the other is saying. But that can be challenging. For example, we talk at a rate of 125–175 words per minute, listen at a rate of 125–250 words per minute, but think at a rate of 1000–3000 words per minute. So evidently, it’s biologically […]

Blog #13: Share sweet touch.

Touch is magic. It’s healing. It’s reassuring. It’s necessary. Before writing this, I read numerous articles about the beneficial aspects of touch. My plan was to include several links for you to follow. But most of the stories were so atrocious, so heartbreaking, that I chose against it. Scientists use—and study—deprivation to measure the importance […]